Monday, August 11, 2014

God On Trial

"Have you considered my servant Job?"
Job 1:8

I've never really spent much time with Job.

Sure, over the years I've heard countless sermons about him and his trials: The trials of Job. These sermons have focused on his losses, his wife's attitude, his friends, and his responses to the entire ordeal. It's a painful story that has the ability to speak to us on deep, deep levels. But frankly, I've chosen to spend my bible study times in other places.

Lately, Job has been on my mind.

          Not because of all the things he went through.
          But, rather why he went through them.

Have you ever noticed that it all started because of a question that God asks?  Think about that for a minute. . .

          Satan does not have an omniscient point of view.
          He doesn't mention Job.
          God does.

The question is pretty intriguing: "Have you considered my servant Job?"

I think the question reveals a reality that if we're not careful we might read right past. It has changed my thinking and approach to this entire book. Too often I've focused on Satan in this story. But, I'm beginning to think I've had the wrong idea.

Have you (Satan) considered...

         Why would God ask this question?
          Obviously, He (God) had considered Job.

This is the starting point for the entire drama that unfolds in the book which bears his name. It all begins with God revealing His confidence in one man. So much confidence, in fact, that He invests His character in the character of this man.

So, as we enter into the drama that starts to unfold in Job 1, I think I need to adjust my thinking. I've always thought that Job was on trial. After all we refer to the book as the "trials" of Job. But. . .

          Could it be that Job isn't on trial here?
          God is.

Satan has already failed at trying to ascend to the heights of God. So now, based upon a question that God Himself asks, he will try to bring God down to His level. If Job fails then obviously God didn't know him like He claimed: God wouldn't have an omniscient point of view.

The challenge is presented with a question God asks.

Intriguing it all starts here. . .



  1. Wonderful devotional, Billy, and certainly thought provoking--keep them coming!!

  2. Love what you shared here and want more, but wait a bit, please, need to soak this one in! ha. I have always loved what God said..."have you considered my servant Job?" And, what that means... Thank you for sharing with us what God shares with you, Billy. Really appreciate it.

  3. In the midst of what life throws at me, can I be a man God has confidence in?

  4. I love the book of Job and love to get into the "meat" of it! So I will be looking forward to each blog entry on it!